Life is...a unique chance

Our life offers us many chances that are supposed to be used. Many of these chances are unique - and if WE don't use them, we won't progress. The creators of this year's backyards festivals in Bad Fredeburg, Brilon, Winterberg and Medebach lead the way. They used this unique chance to set up great and colourful festivals and thus, inspired many people.

Every small action counts and every single one makes a difference when it comes to shape our world. The more people are coming together and use a chance together, the more we can achieve. The European Union, as a project for peace, that is attended by all inhabitants of the 28 participating European countries, shows us what we can achieve when we act jointly.

Show us which chances you or people around you have used or are going to use with your photographs. It doesn't matter whether your pictures are taken with a smartphone or a camera. It only matters that they portray a used and unique chance.

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You can participate until October 13th


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